The use of spoilers — information that will reveal or “spoil” the ending of a movie/novel or the future of a certain character in a comic book or television show — is a contentious one, especially on websites that review and discuss a variety of media, as we do, and on websites that enjoy a global readership (meaning certain episodes may air at different times in different countries, for example), as we do.

It is our hope that readers will understand that reviews of television shows and comic books will necessarily refer to earlier events. Please do not read a review if you have a) not seen that episode or read that issue or b) are not currently up to date with that show or that comic. With movies, in the event that we a reviewing a prequel or sequel in a franchise, spoilers for other films within that franchise will be used.

In general, if a film or television show is more than a few years old, it becomes less and less likely that anyone will be spoiled reading about it. Still, it never hurts to err on the side of caution. With regard to comments, we ask that spoilers be kept to a minimum and clearly marked.

Language & Grammar

Lower Decks operates in a “PG-13” environment.  In other words, for the most part we try to be family-friendly.  We may occasionally discuss adult themes and use naughty language, but only when we really, really want to. We ask that all comments be made using complete sentences and proper punctuation, capitalization and grammar. If English isn’t your first language, feel free to make as many mistakes as you need to.


In addition to our popular Observation Lounge BBS, Lower Decks utilizes the WordPress comment system. We ask that anyone who is registered at the Observation Lounge please use their OL username when posting comments, simply to make things a little less complicated.