Star Trek: Enterprise – 1×03 – “Strange New World”

Star Trek: Enterprise
“Strange New World”
Originally Broadcast October 10th, 2001
Reviewed by T’Bonz

The Story

While on the way to a nebula, a new planet is discovered that is surprisingly like Earth. Archer decides to take an away team to explore it, against the wishes of T’Pol, who suggests a more conservative approach (beginning with several days of probes and surveys).

There is no humanoid life on the planet, but other types of life are present, mostly insect. T’Pol decides to stay overnight on the planet with several crewmembers to do more surveys. Archer returns to the ship. The away team runs into a bad storm, and is forced to take shelter in caves. They are not able to be retrieved by shuttle due to the severity of the storm.

The team begins acting erratically. All turn on T’Pol, the mistrust between the humans and Vulcan come to the forefront. Everyone begins to have hallucinations. T’Pol is affected, but to a lesser degree than the humans. Tripp and T’Pol end up pointing phase pistols at each other. One of the crewmen runs out of the cave into the storm. He is beamed up to Enterprise, but a transporter problem leaves him with leaves and debris fused into his body.

It is discovered in treating this crewman that tropolycine is present on the planet. The away team will need to be treated if they are to survive. However, Tripp is too paranoid to listen to reason, so Archer concocts a story to convince him to trust T’Pol and drop his weapon. Once he does, T’Pol is able to stun him. She then is able to retrieve the cure, which has been transported down, and administer the antidote. When the storm passes, the away team is rescued.


ENT continues to drop little references to TOS. Plomeek soup. Also an amusing reference to Dune with a mention of Arrakis Prime.

The crew interaction is good, and it was great to meet some new crewmembers. And in a surprise, ensign “red shirt” did NOT die!!!
The scorpion bugs. Can you say “TNG “Conspiracy””?

The Very Good

The story held the interest very well. I was never sure until later on that this was all hallucinations, at first; it seemed like there might well be some strange lifeform. Rock people – reminded me of the Horta from TOS’ ‘The Devil in the Dark”, especially when Archer told the story to Tripp about the “silicon based life form”.

The Bad

The tents? K-Mart!? Sure didn’t seem very futuristic to me! Ghost stories around the campfire? O-KAY…

Archer was a little too impetuous. He should have done a little more research and survey on the planet before rushing in – and letting his poor doggie out on a potentially unsafe world. Just because it LOOKS like Earth, doesn’t MEAN it’s exactly LIKE Earth.

My Opinion

I really enjoyed this show. At first, when I saw the tents and head the ghost story, I thought “Oh no!”. But the story soon grabbed my interest and held it for the rest of the show. It seemed to me to be a cross between TOS “The Naked Time” and VOY “The Haunting of Deck 12”.

Grade: 8/10

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