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When ‘Lost’ reached its sixth season, which is a pretty remarkable accomplishment for any show, but in terms of regular calculations of longevity still kind of short, everyone knew one thing for certain: this was it. When the show’s producers … Continue reading

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Lost “The End” review

Before anyone knew it for certain, ‘Heroes’ completed its run pretty much as it had started out, and at pretty much the same point everyone last cared about it: Claire, the cheerleader, trying to kill herself, but because she obviously … Continue reading

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LOST – 6×17/18 – “The End”

There’s been a lot of talk about the LOST finale, and the opinions seem to be split.  Some people loved it, seeing it as the perfect culmination of six years of storytelling.  Some people didn’t love it, as it didn’t … Continue reading

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A Requiem to Lost

Remember when Lost was about a bunch of people on an island? When it was about a paraplegic who suddenly discovered he could walk? A mysterious group with an equally mysterious number of mysterious stations? A drug addict trying to … Continue reading

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Lost Ends Tonight

If for some reason you’re unaware of tonight’s significance, ABC’s Lost will be wrapping up after six seasons and 121 episodes. The fun starts at 7PM when one last recap special, “Lost: The Final Journey,” begins. At 9PM, the two-and-a-half-hour … Continue reading

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LOST – 6×16 – “What They Died For”

And there you have it.  After six years, the last “regular” episode of LOST is in the books. And after six years of questions have been raised on the show, a lot of people have been concerned that the answers … Continue reading

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Fringe 2×23 “Over There, Part 2” review

The following contains spoilers through the episode “Over There, Part 2,” originally broadcast 5/20/10. It’s funny. This season on ‘Lost’ there’s been a pretty significant presence of an alternate reality. In Star Trek, there was always the Mirror Universe, which … Continue reading

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If the fourth season of ‘Lost’ was the turning point and start of the countdown to the end of the series, then the fifth was when all the pieces finally started coming together. If anyone was still mistaken about whether … Continue reading

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CBS Cancels Ghost Whisperer; ABC May Pick It Up

On Tuesday, CBS announced it had canceled Ghost Whisperer after five seasons, along with Cold Case, The New Adventures of Old Christine, Gary Unmarried, NUMB3RS, Miami Medical and Accidentally on Purpose. While some of the cancellations, especially NUMB3RS, were expected, … Continue reading

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LOST – 6×15 – “Across the Sea”

What kind of show would make an episode where absolutely zero main characters appear in any new footage?  Where the main plot takes place entirely in a period thousands of years before any of us were even born?  What kind … Continue reading

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